Nottingham Craft Beer Week    19-25 June 2017

Leaders of the Pack


The debate over what’s the better packaging material out of bottles and cans may rage on, but one thing brewers can definitely agree on is that a funky label is a must. We’ve picked out a few of our all-time favourite bits of craft beer packaging for you to peruse…

Mad Hatter Brewing Co

Have Liverpool’s Mad Hatter Brewing Co gone mad? Yep, we’re afraid so, they’re entirely bonkers, but the best craft beer and labels always are. Based on characters from Alice in Wonderland, their awesomely bold Mad Hatter and White Rabbit illustrations just scream ‘Drink Me’. A few favourite bottle labels include the Cascara Cooler sour ale, Krampus dunkelweizen and Fattest Stout.

Beavertown Brewery

Skulls, spacemen and ‘saucers all feature in probably our favourite colourful craft cans of recent years from North London’s Beavertown. We love the very Illuminati-esque stylings of the Neck Oil Session IPA, and psychedelic skull emblazoned on the Bloody ‘Ell Blood Orange IPA, but the classic Gamma Ray design might just pip it with its Martian ray-gun battle scenes. Top work, Nick Dwyer.

Evil Twin Brewing

The Danes certainly have a knack for cool design, and that especially goes for Evil Twin Brewing’s packaging. A combination of bold typeface and colourful geometric patterns make these labels particularly striking, especially on the larger 750ml sharing size bottles. We’ve picked out the Lil’ B Imperial porter, limited edition Femme Fatale Kabosu Brett IPA, and Ron and the Beast Ryan for particular mention.


Maths and physics teachers aren’t renowned for their coolness, but former Danish educator Mikkel Borg Bjergsø has one of the coolest breweries going. And the labels for his bottles and cans are just as innovative as his cutting edge brews. Want to move like Jagger? The Henry Jagger APA is for you. We particularly like the fruity patterns on their cans of Hallo ich bin Berliner Weisse.

Weird Beard Brew Co

At a glance, West London brewer Weird Beard Brew Co’s dark labels and font look quite traditional in style, until you clock the grimacing hop-eyed skulls dresses up in gothic/ voodoo/ steampunk-y garb at the bottom. We’ve picked out the Sorachi Faceplate India Pale Ale and Decadence Stout as two of our favourites from the range. Spooky!

Wild Card Brewery

Pick a card, any card. We can’t, as we love the whole range from East London brewery Wild Card. The beer bottle labels for the Jack of Clubs ruby ale, Queen of Diamonds IPA, King of Hearts blonde, and Ace of Spades London porter all combine playing cards with beautifully intricate portraits of birds for a classic design.

Bottles and cans kindly supplied by Kraft Werks and Brew Cavern.


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