Nottingham Craft Beer Week    19-25 June 2017

Hello and welcome to our third Nottingham Craft Beer Week. Three years is a long time in the UK Craft Beer scene. It’s amazing how fast things have moved on: If it’s not another favourite craft brewer being bought up by one of the villainous big boys; it’s a new style of beer easing its way to the top of the “must drink” charts. There is a lot going on for those active in the chat rooms and forums and for those earning a living from beer; whether its brewer, retailer or distributor.


But Nottingham Craft Beer Week isn’t aimed at just the beer geek, it is for everyone to enjoy and try something different. “Discover your new favourite beer” is our slogan and we hope to get people to find something they love. With so many brewers and bars in Nottingham passionate about craft beer, Craft Beer Week is an opportunity for us to celebrate and hopefully get people to drink better beer.


Do not let people tell you Craft Beer is a style of beer – it is not. If anything it encompasses ALL beer styles whatever the container it comes in; cask, keg, bottle or can. Malty, bitter, dark, light, fruity, floral, spicy, sour or sweet. There should be a beer out there for you, it’s up to you to find it and with so many great beers arriving into Nottingham this week just look up the venues taking part, pop down and ask your bartender! Not only a lot of great beers but the brewers are coming too. Find out who is on where and go up to them and ask them what they do, why they do it or how they do it.


Come on. “Discover your new favourite beer”. Because NOW is the time to be drinking beer, it has never been so good; the choice and the quality is amazing. But be warned. this is not a return journey. You’ll never go back to bland and ordinary beer again, are you ready for that?


Nigel Garlick
Director, Junkbars